Corte is Finis' attendant and friend.


Corte is Finis' main attendant and also her protector. Corte often finds Finis when she is lost, or tells her where to go because Finis has no sense of direction. When Corte finds out that Finis is in love with Henry she decided to try her best to allow them to be together. She came up with a plan to poison and kill Prince Rudo and get Finis to escape the war front with Henry in secret. Unfortunately, Prince Rudo finds out that Corte is attempting to kill him with poison, and instead forces her to drink her own concoction, killing her.

At the end of the series after the credits, in Finis' new timeline Corte is seen clad in a suit of armor, talking to Finis. She is alive and well, serving as Finis' protector.


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