Finis is one of the main protagonists in the new Netflix series Lost Song.



Finis is a Songstress being used by The Capital Army as a tool of war. She grows to love Henry, who is always with her. Just like Rin, she possesses the Power of Song. However, she must sacrifice her own life force in order to use this power. One day, she was bought by Prince Rudo to a field on the edge of their camp. He proceeded to tell Finis that these soldiers were the enemy, killed in an overnight raid. In the center, what appears to be a dead body tied to a makeshift stand. Rudo then orders Finis to use her Song of Fire to burn the bodies. Having threatened her with the death of Henry, she was forced to comply. She sang her song. She set fire to the bodies, but the body in the center began screaming. The helmet fell off, revealing Henry, set ablaze by Finis' song.

Finis attempted to stop the fire, but Henry told her that she didn't need to. He burned before her eyes. Finis, overcome by the grief of loss, sang "The Song of Mortality" in an attempt to completely destroy the planet. As payment for this song, she will never die, and she will never age, no matter how many years have passed. This resulted in Finis being doomed to an eternity of immortality, watching civilization end and being again over and over in an endless loop. At first hoping to meet Henry again somewhere in a distant future, then after a few encounters with Henry's "reincarnations" throughout time, she realized there was only one Henry that she loved, stating to one of his "reincarnations" that "there is no beginning, and there is no end". Her last hope, that she will endure long enough to return to the exact "time" she was born and raised in so that she may end her suffering once and for all.

In the last episode it is shown that she is living with Corte, who is able to fight and is now pregnant with a baby.

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『終滅の歌The Song Of Destruction』【FULL VER.】/ Finis (Yukari Tamura)-「Lost Song」EP7

『終滅の歌The Song Of Destruction』【FULL VER.】/ Finis (Yukari Tamura)-「Lost Song」EP7.Inserted song

  • She sings this song in Episode 7 when she sees Henry supposely dead.