Henry is Finis' lover in the original timeline.


Henry is part of the Leobolt family which has passed down its sword for generations-- this sword is famous, said to never rust nor break. He is a master swordsman, able to take down multiple soldiers at once.

After winning a sword fight competition he is temporarily made Finis' personal bodyguard. When Finis runs off and is almost captured by an enemy soldier, Henry finds and rescues her. They are found the next morning by Rudo and his men, and Herny is stripped of his role as Finis' bodyguard. Henry is then moved to the front lines of the war, where he is told by his fellow soldiers that people who are sent there are not expected to live. Henry is against war and doesn't think of Finis as a war tool.

In one of Finis' timelines Henry appears in the future. His appearance is exactly the same, but he wears glasses. He is first shown giving a lecture to an auditorium of scientists about the moon growing closer to their planet and the fact that it will eventually crash into it in exactly 60,000 years (from that point in time). He is also married with a child. He meets Finis during this timeline and she tells him about all that she has experienced with ending the world and having it start over countless times in a looping cycle and stated "there is no beginning, and there is no end. There is no future, there is no past".

During the timeline where Rin exists Henry has fallen in love with the princess of Golt Kingdom, Alea, and has never met Finis. At the end of this timeline He has become general of the Golt army and is shown next to Alea during her crowning ceremony.


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