Rin is one of the main protagonists in the new Netflix series Lost Song. She is the Lost Song, the Song of Healing of herself, that was thrown away by Finis long time ago.


Rin is an energetic young girl harboring a passion for singing living with her younger brother Al, older sister Mel, and grandfather Talgia Hokley in a reclusive village near a forest. She discovers her ability to sing Spirit Songs, legendary songs that can manipulate the four elements of the world and bring about miracles. Unlike Finis, her songs energize her instead of taking away her lifespan. After Mel and Talgia died, she promised to live her dream of singing with the Royal Orchestra in the Capital and save as many lives as she can with her power. Rin was originally a part of Finis, the last bit of Finis' hope and Song of Healing, who came to existence after Finis sang the Song of Destruction. She returned to Finis after singing the Song of Beginning which saved the world from yet another reset. At the last episode she disappeared when she started to sing the song. She was found in a kind of cave by an older man who once was the right hand of a royal family and decided to take care of the baby and later in the series is known why she was not allowed to sing and the older man was her grandfather who started to raise her.


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